Butterfly Valves

Our butterfly valves are manufactured in Aisi 304L and Aisi 316L stainless steel and are obtained from hot-pressed and solubilized parts. The shutters are made from hot-pressed and solubilised Aisi 316L stainless steel parts, mechanically machined on all surfaces and ground on the rotating parts. The standard application of two PTFE bushes on the shafts of the shutters allows to eliminate the friction in the rotations.

The gaskets are produced with compression molding and with excellent quality elastomers. The standard elastomer is food grade silicone; on request, EPDM, FTM, PTFE coated PTFE, PTFE + silicone are available.

All flanges are interchangeable and the valves can be equipped with manual or pneumatic controls.
There is a wide range of manual controls to satisfy the different system requirements; the pneumatic controls can be horizontal or vertical with single acting, double effect and flow regulation, and can be fitted with proximity contact, microswitch, solenoid valve and connector.

Valves are manufactured in the dimensions DN 25 to DN 250 and 1/2″ to 10″.

The standard finish is 120 grit (Ra 1.01-1.14 µm max).

The maximum operating pressure is 7 bars;
2 bars for PTFE seal rings.