Tassalini S.p.A has been operating in the field of mechanical production for almost 100 years and for more than 50 years has been manufacturing technologically advanced valves and fittings of its exclusive design and manufacture for the agri-food, wine, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The complete range of products is made of AISI 304L and AISI 316L stainless steel and is made from laminated material or hot-stamped, solubilized and mechanically machined parts; special accuracy is dedicated to the processing of the threaded parts and the elimination of the final parts of the threads is performed with mechanical operations to guarantee absolute safety during the handling of the pieces.

The range of items produced by Tassalini is manufactured according to the main international standards (DIN, SMS, RJT BS, ISS IDF, Gas, Eno, Macon and Clamp) and includes fittings; reductions; tee; curves; filters and mirrors; taps; adjustment, safety and check valves; butterfly valves of different types, with manual and pneumatic control, arranged for the insertion of electrical components; ball valves; pneumatic, 3-A and drainage valves; diaphragm valves.

All products are normally available in stock in standard sizes and the technical office of Tassalini S.p.A. is available for the study of any special pieces necessary for the construction of particular systems. The more than 7000 square meters of surface in the new headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo have ensured a more accurate organization of production, controls and storage in the warehouse and have allowed the installation of a series of latest-generation machine tools, of extremely advanced design and operating with highly sophisticated programs.

A meticulous series of checks and inspections represents a further operational aspect that contributes to guaranteeing the quality of Tassalini fittings and valves, internationally recognized. Tassalini S.p.A. is present with a widespread network of its dealers on the European and world market.

1920 – 1950

For the last 80 years Tassalini has been designing and manufacturing its own range of high-tech stainless steel valves and fittings. Tassalini S.p.A. was founded in 1922 in Via Lamarmora, in the heart of Milan, when Riccardo Tassalini opened a workshop for the production of mechanical parts for the aeronautical industry. As a result of the crisis in the Italian aeronautical industry at the end of World War II, Tassalini S.p.A. converted its production in order to supply the textile industry. The company — which started to gain application experience in stainless steel in the forties — started to produce fittings and valves for plants manufacturing synthetic textile fibres.

1950 – 1980

In 1963 Tassalini S.p.A. relocated to Peschiera Borromeo and began to create components designed for new market sectors: the wine and the food and beverage industries. In 1980 Tassalini transformed into a public limited company and during the same period started to add precision valve production for food-processing plants to its components business.

1980 – 1990

In 1989 the company opened a new facility in Peschiera Borromeo covering 7,000 square metres. This made it possible to achieve accurate production planning, control and inventory, as well as allowing the installation of a series of latest generation machine tools. Even the marketing department was boosted: in 1982 a customer service centre for the wine industry was set up in Canelli.

1990 – TODAY

Today the company range is purchased not only by the food and beverage industries, but by biotechnological, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All products are stocked in standard dimensions and manufactured in conformity with the main international standards. In 1996 a facility specialising in tube finishing processes was opened in Pandino. The marketing map has since grown further: Tassalini S.p.A. is today active in the European and world markets through a network of dealers, distributors and its own branches.