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Our Clamp products are manufactured exclusively from Aisi 316L stainless steel and are made from hot-rolled or press-forged material and solution heat-treated.

Unions have quick-closure in conformity with 3-A standards. Gaskets are available in EPDM, silicone, PTFE, FTM, PTFE-coated EPDM in a standard, lip or envelope model.

All Clamp fittings, plug cocks, ball valves model 90, pneumatic valves series 900 and diaphragm valves are produced in strict conformity with the criteria and tests required by the 3-A standards.

The standard finish is 150 grit (Ra 0.76-0.89 µm max). 240 grit (Ra 0.38-0.51 µm max) and 400 grit finish (Ra 0.2 µm max) are available as options.

Range of Clamp products  
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